Monday, March 16, 2009



jie said...

little people under big sky...have you ever thought of that small town you used to live?

Qian Qian said...

Yes, sometimes I think about Springfield. But when I took these photos, I was thinking about days in Edinburgh.

jie said...

I've never been to Edinburgh, so I looked it up on wikipedia, It seems like a very interesting city with rich culture basis. I bet you learned a lot during that time of your life...sometimes I feel so sorry that I didn't get to study under you while you were teaching in MSU. I can see so many ideas flowing beneath your work, and the best part is you somehow manage to express them just about right. Like the intros you used to did for your illustration site, I love them! Every time I visited your site, I would hold my breath waiting for the screen load up and surprise me...the panda characters you created for sichuan earthquake, and your work the Forest (overlapping a photograph with your own illustration, reminds me of Bruegel's "hunters in the snow", the cropping, the sense of mixing reality and contemporary animation, is it surrealism or pop art I couldn't really define, but I'd say it really works!) ...I probably could keep talking about your works for a whole day ^_^, but maybe I should go to bed now.

Have fun with your big project!